GMR airport business details

 List of Operating airports

  • Indira Gandhi International Airport at Delhi, 
  • Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Hyderabad
  • Mactan Cebu International Airport in Philippines.
New Aiports Wins:
  • Mopa Airport, Goa
  • Crete Airport, Greece
  • Clark Airport, Philippines (EPC)
  • Bhogapuram Airport, Andhra Pradesh
  • Bidar Airport, Karnataka 
Shareholding of existing operating airports

Airport Name

Shareholding pattern

Indira Gandhi International Airport at Delhi

  • GAL(64%)
  • Airports Authority of India (AAI) (26%)  
  • Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide (Fraport) (10%)

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA), Hyderabad

  • GAL (63%)
  • AAI (13%)
  • Government of Telangana (13%)
  • MAHB (Mauritius) Private Limited (11%)

GMR Megawide Cebu Airport Corporation (GMCAC)

  • GMR group (40%)
  • Megawide Corporation (60%),


Exploring - Jubilant Ingrevia

 Jubilant Ingrevia is a global integrated Life Science products and Innovative Solutions provider serving, Pharmaceutical, Agro chemical, Nutrition, Consumer and Industrial customers.

Speciality Chemicals: Company offers Speciality building blocks including Pyridine and Picolines, Cyanopyridines, Piperidine and Pyridine based value-added products for the production of a range of Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Nutrition, Fine chemicals, Oilfield chemicals, Electronics and Solvents. Besides being one of the largest global manufacturers in the Pyridine and Picolines value chain, with complete forward and backward integration.

Nutrition and Health Solutions: Company offer a range of products including straight Nutritional Ingredients like Vitamin B3, Picolinates to premix solutions for animal and human nutrition.It is one the global largest producer of Niacinamide and amongst Global top two manufacturers of Vitamin B3 and India’s largest manufacturer of Vitamin B4.‘Partner of Choice’ for more than 400 global customers. It has also embarked on the manufacturing of herbal range of products for animal feed under the brand ‘Phytoshield’. 
Life Science Chemicals:  Company provides building block ingredients based on Acetyls and Ketene chemistry platform, having applications in multiple daily use products, especially in urban areas. Globally, it is positioned among the top manufacturers of Acetic Anhydride and Propionic Anhydride in the merchant market. In India, it is largest manufacturer of Bioacetaldehyde.Also the leading supplier of Ethanol to Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) for Ethanol Blending Programme (EBP) among standalone distilleries in India.

Business SegmentLeadersProduct Offering
No of Customers
Speciality ChemicalsAmongst top 2 in Pyridine - Beta globally,#1 in 11 Pyridine Derivatives globally85(Pyridine basesd value added product)
Nutrition and Health SolutionsAmongst top 2 in Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) globally,#1 in Vitamin B4 (Choline Chloride) domestic market72
Life Science and ChemicalsAmongst top 2 in Acetic Anhydride globally,Largest manufacturer of bio-based Acetaldehyde globally8
Not Mentioned

NUTRITIONAnimal Nutrition,Human Nutrition,Premixes Nutraceuticals,Energy Drinks
DIRECT CONSUMERCosmetics,Anti-microbial,Mouthwashes
INDUSTRIALPaints,Print and Packaging,Fuel Blending,Solvents

Region%Share of Revenue
India (Domestic Consumption)46
India (International Consumption)15
North America5
Rest of the World (RoW)16

Manufacturing Units Location
GajraulaUttar Pradesh

Key Points to watch:

  • Jubilant Ingrevia Limited is globally one of the largest vertically integrated manufacturer in the Pyridine-based value chain.
  • Launched a new product,Propionic Anhydride, to address the growing need in theAgrochemicals, Pharma and Dyes Intermediate industries in India.
  • Company has innovative patented products in the Biocide segment. 
  • Zinc pyrithione (ZPTO) based anti-dandruff (AD) composition was developed along with novel synergistic Octopirox formulation (patent pending).
  • 94 Patents have been granted.
  • FY 2021, till they have 29 patents.
  • 152 patents applications filed.
  • Company is working on plant based alternative protein,such as soy, pea, rice, mung bean, fava, chickpea using “Protein Ultrafiltration membrane technology”. 
  • Company is venturing into diketene chemistry platform to develop 10-12 forward integrated products to cater the needs of pharma, agro and other ingredients.
  • It has aquired stake in ( Mister Veg Foods Private Limited)MVFPL is engaged in the manufacture of Meat Analogues from  plant based proteins and mainly catering its products in north India. This is a new trend that is catching up in Human Nutrition segment.